Passage by Regina Evans

PASSAGE is the first play in a trilogy which explores the issues of human trafficking through a lens of past day slavery. PASSAGE dares to look at the roots of this systemic problem by calling forth healing, truth and resilience. It is the journey of the magical Eliza Jo, who is a runaway slave, as she seeks to heal, step into her destiny as an abolitionist, and be reunited with her family. She is assisted along her journey by several “colorful” and sacred characters including earth spirit Nana and water spirit Rein. PASSAGE utilizes not only poetry, prose, dance and negro spirituals as creative methodologies, but also the first hand words of ancestors slaves via their personal narratives. PASSAGE seeks to tell the story of “the skin” of slavery: the day-to-day terror and oppression, starvation, family separation, fear, physical daily pain, etc. Any individual or communal generational healing requires a deep visit to how ancestors survived and existed. PASSAGE seeks to unfold this notion by honoring the details of ancestral truths.

Photo and video credits: Matthew Evearitt