Artistic Director Robert Paine

In the not so distant future, a biochemist will unlock a noxious contagion that frees the minds of women from the corset bonds of society! And on that bright day, the color of the world will be Armageddon, dripping with sex and romance and passion and one perfect little black dress! We are the ZOMBIE VIXENS FROM HELL!!
"Zombies" introduces us to Agnes, a mousy yet strikingly intelligent biochemist who is destined to unleash a contagion upon the world, causing men to open their hearts and delicious brains to their ladies who for God's sake just want a tasty snack (best enjoyed with a crazy straw). The dashing but conceited Professor wants to claim Agnes' work as his own, and you won't believe what lengths he'll go to just to make THAT happen! A campy, hilarious pop/rock musical reminiscent of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, "Zombies" will definitely give you a great time and leave you wanting more!
Special Events! Friday, October 12  Opening Night Zombie Cocktails Friday, October 19 - Talk-Back with Playwright, Director and Cast after the show Thursday, October 25  Dress like a Zombie Night; Prize for best costume Saturday, November 3  Closing Night Brain Eating! Thursdays  Half-Price tickets, plus zombies get free libation
The Cast Kelly Rauch, Burton Weaver, Kelsey Bergstrom, John Mercer, Shelley Lynn Johnson, Donald Currie, Angela Dant, David Naughton, Lisa Bush Finn, April C. Taylor, Corey Rea, Florinda Larkin, Genie Lim.

Zombie Vixens From Hell

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