Artistic Director Robert Paine

The Flea Theater

41 White Street, NY, NY 


AROUSAL by George Pfirrmann &

The Lover by Harold Pinter

"AROUSAL," by George Pfirrmann. Laura Lundy-Paine and Dan Fagan. 
Photo by Luis A. Solorzano

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AROUSAL By George Pfirrmann
THE LOVER By Harold Pinter

Laura Lundy Paine: Albena & Sarah
Dan Fagan: Clifford & Richard
Michael Vega: The Milkman

DIRECTOR Chloe Bronzan

This pair of sexy one-acts performed back-to-back makes for daring and provocative theater from Virago!

A smash hit in San Francisco, Harold Pinter's The Lover and AROUSAL by George Pfirrmann then went for 6 shows to Hollywood's Theatre Asylum Lab. AROUSAL won Best of the San Francisco Fringe Festival (2010) and The Lover is nominated for four BroadwayWorld Awards: John Steen for Best Actor, Laura Lundy-Paine for Best Actress, Nikki Eggett for Best Sound, & Best Director, Chloe Bronzan.

AROUSAL is a sensuous comedy about a Ukrainian prostitute and a virgin with Asperger's Syndrome, while Pinter's classic delves into the erotic secrets of a British couple's role-play. "BRILLIANT. . . EROTIC. . . TANTALIZES THE AUDIENCE!"- BROADWAY WORLD